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Just give me an hour of your time - make something wonderful with me for yourself or as a gift. 

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Use my ceramic pieces in mosaic art. 

Using one of my ceramics is a great way to succeed as a new maker. I find experienced makers love them too,  - they speed things along for unique gifts and colourful mosaic art. Using soft tiles means no expensive nippers and no grouting! If you sign through you'll be offered an additonal free course. 


The Magic of Mosaic

unbelievable content at only  ONLY £20


Can't make it to Essex? Read more
about what you don't have to miss!

20 detailed lessons, bases, adhesives, materials, cutting and grouting, it's all covered. 

14 mosaics feature in creation.
Comprehensive and creative. 

Garden Balls



A creative, quick and accessible short course with detailed techniques. 
Extra content incl.
mosaic tips and techniques. 

Quick and colourful, very popular. READ MORE

Pots and China



Practical and pretty mosaic pots & pictures - save those plates for a marvellous mosaic. Extra content incl. mosaic tips and techniques to set you up for all types of projects. 


Save that saucer, recycle that plate! 

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