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Instructions for all kits. (if videos don't load, click here)   

I had never thought of using these tiles, but they are perfect for me as my hands don't cope very well with cutting ceramic tiles and this got me back into mosaic art.  DAN England


....this video was just enough to get me started with these tiles. I went on to different projects afterwards, thanks for this little gem! Mary C USA

Afterwards I explored Anne's other courses and learned about all other kinds of mosaic making - so many options, wonderful! . Janey England

Watch any of the videos and apply the principles to your design. More notes here.


The dog and cat videos have the most detail, so it is recommended to watch one of these first.


In all the prominent places try and lay the tiles neatly and consistently, extra attention to the outside edges and next to the bird.
Plenty of glue to adher - but not too much, it should not rise up between the tiles.

Work outwards from the motif.

Pack the tiles tightly together, keep a regular brick like pattern over the background.

Avoid tiny pieces which draw the eye.

Keep the front of the tiles clean, although PVA glue does dry clear it may stain a little. If this happens and once your mosaic is dry and secure, clean up with a warm damp cloth.

If you need to prise up tiles, soften the adhesive first by applying heat from a hair dryer. 

This kit was designed by myself, UK based ceramic and mosaic artist Anne Cardwell.  Kits are a perfect way to try out mosaic art and discover the joy and pleasure of working with tiles to create pictures and colourful designs -or work well as a gift to a crafty friend. 

Byzantine soft tiles have been chosen for their delightful range of colours as well as their ease of use. Take out the bright colours and they are perfect for a roman style mosaic. 

The inexpensive mini nippers (supplied in the kit) are effortless for just about anyone to use including, with supervision, children. 


By teaming the tiles with the handmade designs, a small project is completed in a very manageable amount of time, about 1 - 2 hours max., depending on the kit. 

Additionally, by placing the tiles closely together there is no need to grout the finished piece. In just a couple of hours the work will be done - perfect for a relaxed arty activity with creative friends.

These instructions that come with every kit offer simple tips and techniques, principles that will enable more ambitious mosaic art projects in the future.

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