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STYLISH MOSAICS - Books like this are now much less often published, beautiful photography, stunning and imaginative designs and lots of information all in one place that is not a screen....


'Stylish Mosaics: Twenty one contemporary mosaic projects by Anne Cardwell' was published by Hamlyns nearly a decade ago -  the last of an era -  how quickly the tide turned against the coffee table book - everything these days can be discovered on you tube or googled. But in my opinion it's not the same flicking through screens, as a taking your inspiration from a book held in your hand. It was a lot of fun to put this book together with a great team from Hamlyns Publishers, I am really proud of the result - which I think it has withstood the test of time.   

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....I have to say it really is my favourite for Mosaics. I am constantly returning to it, as I really like the contemporary approach. So many mosaic books seem dated, but this one still seems very fresh and inspirational, even after repeated browsing. I didn't think there was room for another book on the subject, but this one is inspirational.

....It is beautifully produced on good quality paper, and the plentiful colour photographs are first class. The instructions and tips are very comprehensive, with additional step by step illustrations using line and tone in colour. 

... it comes to the projects, even those who are seasoned makers of mosaic can find inspiration. The designs are fabulous. From something as simple as the ubiquitous coaster - amazingly a thing of beauty here with clever use of colour and design - to the more unusual like the cube tea-light, the birdhouse ball and the garden bubble fountain, the line is never crossed from stylish and fun into naff, which is a difficult thing to achieve with mosaic.

...This is an excellent book if either you're new to the craft or looking for new ideas - so good to find a craft book written by a designer with a touch of flair as the end results are extremely tasteful and inspirational unlike so many other books out there!

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