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Lovely piece by _bridgeendonaldson headi

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student reviews and work | since 2005 

The reaction to the courses has always been hugely positive. People come for a variety of reasons, mostly creative ambition or curiousity. But also people getting back on their feet after illness or bereavement, or have relocated to anew part of the countryside and want to meet like minded folk. In common most people are trying to push their creative boundaries and many people leave with an interest for life.


Everyone is welcome to come and try this ancient and addictive craft and to make something beautiful for their house or garden. 


what you said

Thank you girls, lovely studio, fantastic range of materials, I surprised myself! 

Such patience - thank you for finding the creative me! I will be back!

Amazing range of materials, glass, matt and shiny tiles of all shapes and colours, so many lovely ideas, Anne really works hard with each and every student! So inspiring!

What a great thing to do with 'any old china', a disappointing breakage is now a lovely mosaic!

Friday is the highlight of my week, I've been coming for several years .... the ambiance, the creative setting and the enthusiastic teaching. Love it. 

Satisfies my inner magpie - I"m like a child in a sweetie shop - mosaics just last a little longer!

I've learned the value moving outside my colour comfort zone and that mosaic tiles don't only have to be blue!! 

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