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course info & terms



  • Weekly classes, book and pay in advance, with eight days notice before your class for a full refund. (ie tell me on a Thursday for the following Friday)

  • Two weeks notice before 1 day classes for a partial refund, (minus non refundable deposit).

  • Refunds are not offered for booked accommodation, please check your own holiday/home cancellation insurance policy. 

  • Courses run when viable numbers are booked to attend


Follow Covid regulations, in addition - 

  • At the class, always wear goggles supplied.

  • When grouting at home use a mask, grout is a fine powder and an irritant, do not inhale. Be aware of dust some tiles create when broken. 

  • Take care when clearing up, shards of glass are sharp on your fingers, USE A BRUSH. 

  • Please advise of any relevant medical conditions. 

  • Be aware, there are steps into and out of the studio. 


​It's quite simple really - just  book, turn up and I will guide you so your aims are achievable and your day enjoyable! If you are staying all day, Please bring a pack lunch, an apron & your reading glasses - if you need them! (Goggles provided). 

It is possible that the classes may be cancelled, as the class is dependent on me. Please make sure I have your mobile number, please check your mobile on the day of your class, in the unlikely event of the class being cancelled at late notice I will send a message to your mobile. This is especially important if you travel some distance. (NB I have not cancelled a class on the day in 15 years!)

Please take the time to read the information below.


Please read the terms and conditions AND ALL OF THIS page which you are accepting when you book. Note cancellation policy.

EXTRA materials are approx £30 for an A4 mosaic. 

All work must be grouted at home, I cannot do this at this studio, but please don’t worry, this is easy, advice and everything you need will be supplied. 

The studio accommodates about 8-10 people, entry via a few steps. There is plenty of parking for all. 

It is not always practical to time projects to the exact hours you might attend so please have an open mind to finishing your work at home.


I will teach you cutting and laying your tiles, what to stick them onto and what to stick with. Some dexterity is required, cutting with nippers needs reasonable strength, but easily achievable by most people. If you finish work at home you will need NIPPERS,

Leoponit nippers (I find are best), try Amazon or mosaic websites, Mosaic Workshop, The Craft Kit for example, approx £25.

Being able to draw brilliantly is not a prerequisite but a lively imagination and an enjoyment and appreciation of colour and texture will definitely help. I have some books and samples to help you, but please bring along your reference. Do some research and print out anything you need (pinterest is always helpful). Don’t worry about drawing out your ideas in much detail, simple lines suffice. 

BASES What to stick your work to: MDF is suitable for working indoors and I supply this at 12mm thick in a limited range of sizes, A4 and A3, and some square bases in similar sizes. To work outdoors you need something waterproof, like metal, frost proof tiles, a pot (sealed or frostproof), a small paving slab, glass, perspex.... I may have some pieces of slate and perspex for outdoors in a limited range of fairly small sizes, but you may need to think about sourcing something yourself (and it's best to check). Single pieces of marine ply  (essential for outdoors) are available online from The Mosaic Workshop.

I cannot accommodate large projects like tables for example - mosaic is heavy to handle so best to learn the techniques with me and complete larger items at home.

I make hand made scrabble sized ceramic lettering, great for personalising your work and unique to my classes!

Email to enquire about anything at all. 

I love sharing my ideas with others and helping you realise your projects.

find us here

Pinkneys Manor

Mill Road



CB10 2XD

what you said

Just book it! I had never imagined I would be mosaicing for over 12 years now - not all of it at classes, but it's always good to revisit and stock up on new ideas...

I had been on courses before but coming along to Anne's welcoming classes helped me to get to grips with some more difficult techniques. 

The USP of Anne's classes is that she is a DESIGNER and thus helps you reach really great results... 

I love the lettering for personalising my mosaic art work... weddings, birthdays and special events - so original. 

Ask anything at all about your class >>
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