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Use my mosaic STARTER shapes and hand made tiles Help at hand with my step by step online courses

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The Magic of Mosaic  Learn with artist Anne Cardwell  absolutely everything you need to start or to learn more about mosaic. Easy to manage lessons presented in a very lively & informative style, downloadable summaries and templates.   At the moment, during Covid19 this course is a modest and reduced cost of £15 to make art affordable during the pandemic. Please click through to find out more. 20 lessons, 14 mosaics. 

Thank you very much. Your work and classes are fabulous!  SANDRA

Thanks for your replies, Anne. I like the way your web site and on-line classes work. Thanks so much. I am learning a lot.  DIANE

That was a fantastic course. Such detailed info. Thank you for making it available so cheaply! Now to get my hands dirty. DIMPLE 

"All good advice and the cutting styles are very clear when you hear it from Anne." MARTYN

"This course is amaaazing!! I love the style and colours of the mosaics. I've been looking for a new hobby that I can do at home and this fits the bill perfectly". LORNA

"really informative, mosaic has improved my free (too much of it at the moment) time 1000%!!" JAMIE

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