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Pheasant family

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Mosaic made with luxurious natural stone smooth marble from Greece, - it feels as smooth as a babies cheek - no, I do not lie. It is utterly lovely to run your fingers over it's velvety surface, added highlights with gold Smalti.

This mosaic may be hung outdoors in all but the most severe of weather. That is, in most UK winters wet or damp conditions will not harm it - though severe frost and extended exposure to snow or ice may eventually damage the substrate, which is marine ply. It comes protected by varnish and ready to hang up outdoors, but it sd be recoated throughout it's life, maybe every other or every third season, with matt yacht varnish. Seal on all sides and the back, several times - not the mosaic itself. The mosaic is sealed with a impregnating sealer - I use Matt stone H2o - it has been sealed already, (this does not affect the appearance of the marble in any detrimental way), but every period of time (depending on how exposed the mosaic is) please reseal to prevent staining from rain, or birds etc. This is very easy, it just requires a quick wash over with the sealant.

If it is kept indoors, it's done, no further upkeep required.

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