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Pay for your class

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Thanks very much for your booking. Please find your name and pay for the classes you have individually booked. See email and web for dates.

I am full every morning so every morning will run - there are a few afternoons with low numbers that may be cancelled - full refund will be made in this case.

REFUNDS I will refund fully due to any government shut down but I cannot refund if you are instructed to self isolate. (You can give me notice after the first week). As usual eight days notice is required for cancellation of dates for ANY reason, but please bear in mind profit is on a knife edge here!

Please read the following carefully so you know what to expect in this new world.

Please leave your coats in the car, but do wear warm clothes, this is a agricultural building, albeit with heating, but it can be coolish.

COVID requirements are

  • Hand sanitiser on entering, please also wear a mask until you are seated. If everyone is comfortable we can remove masks whilst seated, however if you would prefer the whole group wore masks at all time please email me and during that session we will wear masks.
  • I encourage you to bring your own materials. Limited materials will be available and they will be outside on a table (no room inside to display) - a range of matt cinca 24 x 24 and a wide selection of Pate de Verre are available, also some of my own ceramics. There will be no 20 x 20 matt tiles, no coloured vitreous glass, no bits and bobs will be offered, sorry. Before handling materials please sanitise your hands take what you think you need, avoid handling within reason and do not return unused materials to same box, set into RETURNS box provided.
  • Please bring your own base, pencils, pens and glue, glue pot, tweezers, paper, trace, nippers if you have them. Back ups will be available. I have some A4 bases and some smaller ones. Email me in advance if you have a particular need. You can order bases online I particularly like the ones from Mosaic Workshop in London.
  • I can boil a kettle, please bring your own cups and teabags coffee etc.
  • There are 4 central seating places facing each other with screens and one table nicely isolated to the side.
  • The classes are more about you continuing with your own projects and us enjoying group time together. Of course I will help, advise, encourage, cajole as normal. I will wear a mask/visor if I come to help you with your work, I will sanitise/wear gloves if I am touching your work but I would expect this to be limited.
  • If you do not have a project and are new to mosaic I will provide a kit - if you wish, so you do not at all have to move away from your desk or outside to pick materials. Please contact me before the class and we can work out what you would like to work on.
  • Due to size of the studio it is not possible to be 2 meters apart at all times as you move around, walk to the bathroom etc. Everyone must socially distance and be mindful of others at all times. When you are moving around wear a mask.
  • Looking forward to seeing you despite all this! Thank you.
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