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NEW! Black UNSCORED handmade strips x 5 (new quantity)

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'NIGHT' - shades of darkness with the brilliant splashes of other colours.

FIVE hand painted strips of ceramic on terracotta clay, perfect for making borders around work but can also be shaped for use in mosaic art work or broken into tiles. These strips are UNSCORED on the reverse, note I also sell individual tiles.

Each strip measures approx 72 mm long, 19 mm wide and 4mm deep. Measurements vary slightly. The strips can be successfully cut using nippers (side biters or wheeled nippers), or score and snap using a glass cutting tool. 'Rubi' and 'Lepponits' in particular are both good brands of nippers.

My tiles sit beautifully with many mosaic tiles but I especially love the French Mazurka range of bright intense matt tiles, which cut easily with little waste. Under 'ceramics' on (The Craft Kit or www.mosaictrader.com, they ship worldwide.

Each piece is unique and will vary from the photo (only in a good way!). The will be a variation of colour and pattern.

Use with my scrabble sized ceramic lettering to make signs and messages.

Flat rate shipping to the UK for tiles is £2.95.

NB MOSAICS above are for illustrative purposes only, check out my current designs for sale on this website.

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