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Featuring hand painted ceramic tiles by Anne Cardwell - a bright colourful, attractive mosaic. Completely unique - you can't buy this anywhere else! It is a perfect introduction to this ancient yet contemporary art and it could also be a lovely gift for a creative friend.

A stylish project to make at home, everything you need, (except nippers, which can be purchased separately), is provided in the kit. Online Instruction is included.

Choose your design.

  • Green & orange bird (with orange border and orange, yellow and cream tiles)
  • Bluey green & red bird (with cream border with green, cream and red tiles).

    Note due to Brexit hold ups of the background tiles from the EU, there may be colour substitutions. These tiles are from France and are currently a) scarce in the UK and b) expensive to ship. I still have some stock but am looking for alternatives.

KIT - The kit comes with online instruction, an access code is emailed.

If you are new to mosaic art the course is about 1/2 an hour of tuition in easily digestible steps. General tips and techniques are shown for tile cutting, laying and sticking, to grouting your finished piece. It includes a video of the entire making process from beginning to end, including a full demo of the grouting process. It is presented by Anne Cardwell, author of Stylish Mosaics and mosaic art teacher since 2002.

NIPPERS Opt for nippers with your purchase.

ZOOM consultancy - to talk about future projects - to help your next ideas become reality.



  • Base board, 150 x 150 x 3mm laser cut mdf base (attractive dark edging),
  • Adhesive (good quality PVA),
  • Hand painted strips and tiles,
  • A central feature (in this case a bird),
  • Background tiles in a choice 2-3 colour ways as shown.
  • To finish, gloves, mask, stirrer, grout powder.
  • Instruction link
Important note. please do not let let children handle grout and for everyone, always follow health and safety regarding use of this product, which are published online with the instructions.

Not included A pair nippers is not included and they are essential. Leponitt glass mosaic nippers (£30-£35) are my recommended brand - they cut ceramic as well as glass. Cheaper alternative brands are Vitrex and Fitools, (£22 approx) are fine too. For your convenience one of these brands is available, but they are widely available to order in the usual places, mosaic websites, Amazon, Ebay etc.

Zoom consultancy is available at £25 per hour for help, mentoring or ideas for other projects. (Can be added at anytime).

SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES with supervision. (I would recommend secondary school age upwards.)

Suitable for placing indoors only. (If you use a waterproof base, eg tile, metal, plastic, glass, slate - the ceramic pieces and tiles are completely waterproof and frost resistant).

Bespoke designs can be created - using any of dogs, cats, birds, fish owls etc, please email.

The ceramics are hand painted and fired, therefore may vary a little from the illustration. (Only in a good way!)

Also see my mini kits (no grouting).

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