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Flat rate UK £2.95. If you add anything to orders, use 'local pickup' to avoid paying postage twice.  Typical postage for USA £13 - £20 (up to 2kg). 

Hearts 300g. biggest is 7 x 5cm x 4 (hangers can easily be removed)

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As described in title.
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Some past designs, some recent, some several years and styles ago - they are 'as seen' and sold in big bags. I am not entering descriptions and dimensions except in the title, which includes the weight, so you can estimate your postage - see below, and sometime dimensions, (similar products can usually be found elsewhere on my website).

I cannot carry these to post office so they will be collected from my home by courier next week. (approx 12 Jan). Probably not practical to send outside the UK cost wise.

Select 'local pick up' at the check out, esp. if you buy anything else at the same time. I will send you a separate invoice for postage, additional to the cost of your purchase.

(As the items do not fit with the postal calculations on this site it being done separately.)

NOTE these prices are guidance for UK mainland only, firm cost will be sent before despatch. Anywhere else will be quoted. To keep costs down declared value is max £50. (ie if it gets lost that's all you will get back). 48 hour delivery.

Small box up to 2kg £7.50
Medium box up to 5kg £9.50
Large box up to 30kg £15

USA approx cost. small box up to 2kg £25, large box up to 10kg £40, up to £15 kg £55. Again for guidance. Depends on exact post code.

If postage proves too costly I will refund.

NOTE I am not wrapping items individually as normal, I will use bubble etc and will endeavour to get your your pieces whole, but you buy at your own risk. Priced accordingly!!

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