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Green handmade single tiles - (new quantity 10 tiles)

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Shades of blue and splashes of other colours.

Minimum 30 single hand painted tiles. Perfect for making borders around work but can also be shaped for use in mosaic art work.

(Mosaic are examples, some are for sale, please have a look!)

Each tile 19/20 x 19/20 x 4 mm. These are fired individually, broken from their strips before going into the kiln. The edges are smoother than when nipped by hand.

They also can be successfully shaped to use in mosaic art work as per any other type of tile.

Colours will vary from batch to batch.

'Rubi' and 'Lepponits' in particular are both good brands of nippers. The tiles can also be 'scored and snapped' with glass cutting implements.

Each piece is unique and will vary from the photo (only in a good way!). There will be a variation of colour and pattern, sometimes the terracotta base will show through.

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