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Ceramic scrabble sized hand printed A-Z letters

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A cream glazed handmade ceramic tile, printed with a letter of the alphabet FOR YOUR MOSAIC ART.... alphabet tiles... personalise your work with names, thank you, welcome, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. NUMBERS, &, ! ARE ALSO AVAILABLE please email.

Also for craft work, cardmaking, signage or attach a magnet. Flat rate shipping to the UK for tiles is £2.95.

These tiles match and work well with my hand painted coloured tiles, as illustrated. (Products above are ideas for only)

Terracotta clay base, which sometimes and intentionally shows through.

NB best magnets are found on e-magnets, strong and tiny self adhesive discs.

A variety of typefaces are offered - some are illustrated here but other similar designs may be included in your order. Letters may be upper or lower case, regular or italic, serif or sans serif. If you have a specific requests, please email, a selection will be made on your behalf to make up a balanced and aesthetically pleasing mix.

20 x 20 x 4 mm

As is natural with a handmade product the letters may differ slightly in size and height, some may have minor imperfections which adds to their overall appeal.

If out of stock note also sold online by and (ship worldwide).

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