I'm uploading xmas items everyday (have been away from my studio).
Some xmas items out of stock - but coming soon - please call back.  22/11/2021
NB my mosaic kits make ideal gifts! 

Blooming blooms!

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Beautiful new colours
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Read the description carefully.

These flowers very fragile at bisque stage, hence I do sell those that have parted company at the stem and are marked 2nd's. It doesn't make a bit of difference for mosaic but nevertheless I sell them at a reduced price, sometimes the top piece of the stem is missing, but usually not.

Hand painted and fired by artist Anne Cardwell.

Hand made ceramic shape, terracotta. Created in a variety of colours and shapes. Use in mosaic art or however you fancy.

Size 90 x 50 x 4mm

Some variations to the picture shown, but only in a good way!

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