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five great reasons

Five GREAT reasons to take up mosaic art

  1. It's a very accessible art form - it doesn't need amazing drawing skills or technical brilliance to make something beautiful, original and decorative!

  2. It doesn't require expensive equipment - the initial outlay can be quite modest - (even free -  use shells, pebbles, old tiles or beads), or buy irresistible materials from online mosaic art sites.

  3. It doesn't take up a lot of space.

  4. It's creative, fun, relaxing, rewarding, immersive.

  5. AND - my favourite.... it's also really easy to pick up and set down, no preparation, just pick up the nippers and complete a bit more, and a bit more... it is so satisfying watching a design grow... piece by piece by piece.

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If you wish to continue at home, buy your nippers here.

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Pinkneys Manor, Mill Road, Wimbish, Essex CB10 2XD


I have introduced hundreds of people to this wonderful craft. Those who can't come along have been introduced to the craft by my book, Stylish Mosaics or my 'how to' DVD, or by taking an online course (see links on the home page). 

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what you said

I learned a new skill, (made new friends) and filled many hours and the garden with lovely things.

Under your guidance I made a piece I am surprisingly proud of, underconfident artistically, yet I managed to make something that other people admire - amazing for me!

An art that doesn't require you to be able to draw suited me very well, the cutting was at first tricky and slow but I quickly gained confidence due to Anne's patience. The range of materials available is delightful and extensive. The studio is pleasant and light.


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