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Free lesson...

....this video was just enough to get me started with these tiles. I went on to different projects afterwards, thanks for this little gem! Mary-C USA

Afterwards I explored Anne's other courses and learned about all other kinds of mosaic making - so many options, wonderful! . Janey England

I had never thought of using these tiles, but they are perfect for me as my hands don't cope very well with cutting ceramic tiles and this got me back into mosaic art. In fact I bought one of Anne's kits afterwards and it was a perfect introduction, with brilliantly clear instructions. DAN England

a whole new world of colours and materials....

..a very practical skill, I love being able to personalise my work with dates and names...

inspiring and fun, overnight I gained a new interest I find very engrossing! 

...Anne's background as a designer has brought me back many times for more advice on style and content. 

.... a lovely studio and easy to park ... I've enrolled at other classes now that I've discovered 'Stoneman Press'

I am a relatively new member of the Mosaic class but have thoroughly enjoyed my Friday mornings. Initially I just booked one class to see if I could cope. I am now on my third project. Rather ambitiously I am covering a small coffee table. I took my very first piece of mosaic to a professional framer and he told me it was very good. I thought he was just being kind but he was genuinely impressed with the quality of the work. Anne is an excellent teacher and will offer guidance if needed.

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