mosaic can heal...

How to respond to something as earth shattering as the suicide of the person you love most in all the world?
It takes someone of an extraordinary temperament and determination to turn this tragic event around into something positive.


Founding a charity in a country you have never visited?


Finding a team when you don't speak the same language?


Working in a third world country?


Nepal is a country I have flitted through trekking, it seems so genial and the Nepalese so charming, but it's not too surprising to know in this impoverished nation there is a dark underbelly and a horrific record of abuse & exploitation. A fascinating and fast paced read, full of both hope and despair.

After many child rescues and establishing an orphanage, Philip founds a mosaic studio to help rehabilitate some of the rescued victims. Mosaic really can heal! 


Every copy sold helps towards Philips charitable work and this alone should be enough to make you purchase this book (Amazon or link below). Aside from this, the human story, getting to know and understand Esther who so sadly took her life, how Philip remarried and adopted a family, what Philip is doing now... all the ingredients are there for a wonderful read, you will not be able to put it down. Not even to pick up your nippers!! 

Philip has been to Saffron Walden and addressed my class and friends, he remains one of the most impressive people I have met, if you would like to support him too, it's very easy, buy his book.

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